Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mommy's new Job!

Hi Everyone! First, an update on our house search. It's come to a halt right now. The house that we really liked and wanted to make our home just didn't work out for us right now. We've really slowed down on looking for the time being though. We know that something will come along, and we're just going to sit back and wait a while for it to come. 

In other news: MOMMY GOT A NEW JOB! She will still be working at the university, but she won't be cleaning any more. She will be the Administrative Assistant for the Communication Department.  Everyone in our family is really excited. For those of you who are familiar with our family know that during the school year Mommy has to work in the evenings leaving Me and Daddy at home by ourselves. Now we get to be a real family!!! It's so exciting! She starts her new job on Monday!

Everything else is good here. Ashland is doing GREAT with potty training, and the weather here has been wonderful :-) The weather people say that it has been the coldest July on record here in NE Indiana. We hope the weather in your area has been nice, too. We love everyone! Let us know how you're doing in a comment! 


Anonymous said...

Oh, Ashland! Grandpa and Grandma Benner sure missed you after you left from camp. It was so quiet, and I miss stumbling on your toys and playing outside :) Hope your entry into the real world wasn't too harsh but camp always has to end eventually and everyone has to get back to a new routine.

We are sooo very happy that Mommy has a new job. It will be nice to have everyone on the same schedule finally. I hope she is enjoying her first week.

We have enjoyed the weather, too. Although, it has been kind of hot here in the afternoons lately. Uncle Caleb, Cousin Jake, Great G'pa, Great G'ma, and I have been very busy this last week painting Great G'pa and Great G'ma's fence. It is a very big job but we think we should be done in about 2 more days. That would be fantastic. It looks so much nicer, and it would make a great yard for you to play ball in maybe next summer.

Thanks so much for the updates. Glad the potty training is going so well. I know you did a fabulous job here. You are certainly growing up to be a big boy.

Are you minding Mommy and Daddy? You did such a good job here at camp and so I know you can do the same for them.

Take care and enjoy the summer fun! We love you a bunch.

G'ma Benner

G'ma Benner said...

Now, I didn't push the anonymous button! We will try that one again!