Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall is here and that means it' s football season. Racheal and Ashland went to their first Trine Football game while Tyler was in the broadcast booth. The Thunder won 40-9! Ashland had such a fun time watching football with Aunt Megan and Ren. He showed them his ABC skills at the game and had a great time, overall.

We will be visiting another football game tomorrow. Trine travels to Franklin to play the Grizzley's. We will be stopping in Indy on the way home for some OSF and we will be sure to take pictures of this game.

We also hope to make it to the zoo this weekend. Ashland has been asking about the animals a lot, and we promised that we would take him before they close for the summer. Here is one last summer time picture. From here on out, they will all be fall pictures.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back in Business

Ashland loves to sit with his Daddy on weekend mornings and watch Playhouse Disney

Sorry we have neglected to update this for so long, by the time we get home from work in the evenings, I do not want to look at a computer until the next morning. I've got a few minutes to update now. Since our last update, Ashland has come a very long way. He loves daycare so much and is learning so much there. He can count to 10, and he knows most of his ABCs.

We took Ashland to his first Cubs game in August, but it got rained out. He fell asleep while we were waiting during the rain delay. He got to see bating practice, and he doesn't know any better to know that the game was rained out.

The weather here has been very cool in the mornings and it has been pretty foggy every morning. The leaves are already starting to change here. Football season starts at home for the Trine Thunder tomorrow. Ashlad is VERY excited to go. We will have to post pictures of the game. Sorry we have not had pictures in a while...we have been having computer issues at home.

In other news, we put an offer in on another house, and we are waiting to hear something back from the bank on their approval. It is a short sale. Once they approve it though, and we get an inspection and everything comes back okay, then we can finally have a home. We are all very excited in the Benner family.

We hope everyone is doing well, and we will make sure that we start updating more. Again, we apologize for neglecting the blog, lately.