Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall is here and that means it' s football season. Racheal and Ashland went to their first Trine Football game while Tyler was in the broadcast booth. The Thunder won 40-9! Ashland had such a fun time watching football with Aunt Megan and Ren. He showed them his ABC skills at the game and had a great time, overall.

We will be visiting another football game tomorrow. Trine travels to Franklin to play the Grizzley's. We will be stopping in Indy on the way home for some OSF and we will be sure to take pictures of this game.

We also hope to make it to the zoo this weekend. Ashland has been asking about the animals a lot, and we promised that we would take him before they close for the summer. Here is one last summer time picture. From here on out, they will all be fall pictures.