Monday, October 5, 2009

Worn out...

We went to Trine's homecoming football game on Saturday and Ashland was SO well behaved. He sat on my lap or in his stroller the whole game. He got enough courage to give the Thunder mascot, STORM, a high five, and then a hug, and he ate popcorn and cake at a party after the game. He also won the game ball which was really neat. We'll have to put pictures of that up sometime.

After the Trine game we came home and played and watched the N.D game. Ashland loves watching football, and if he would rather sit with Mom and Dad and watch football, than play with his toys, that's fine, because he plays all day everyday.

AT gave us a pretty good scare this weekend. After not having a nap on Saturday, he was quite emotional when I asked him to not jump on the couch. When he was crying, he held his breath like all little kids do before they let out a giant wail...except, he didn't stop holding his breath. His lips turned blue and he fell over on top of the dog. Yes, he held his breath so long that he passed out. It was a scary moment...As soon as he fell he was okay...If it wasn't for Tyler I would have been freaking out more than I was. Seeing your child fall because they can't breath is scary....and nobody ever warned me that it would happen.

We hope that everyone is enjoying this beautful weekend. Next weekend we will be going to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins for halloween. We will post pictures of that trip :-) Keep warm, everyone :-)